What do you get if you cross an Aussie marine mechanic from North Queensland & a University educated, ambitious English backpacker?  A globally travelled, education-hungry couple who by 2006 had built a $10 million dollar property development company, who later lost it all & built it all back up again.

In the early days, in our haste to succeed, we purchased multiple properties, undertook many large developments & to coin the phrase “bit off as much as we could & chewed like mad”.  We were sprinting to the finishing line in our early 30’s & eventually the wheels fell off. Over a decade later, with time & experience behind us as the best teachers, we have two main loves (aside each other & our 3 sons):

The Business of Business

We are proud business owners, we have an amazing business coach, are part of an incredible business community and are proud of our successful business with multiple revenue streams. Business owners are ‘our people’ and we have a passion to help them translate their hardwork & efforts into long term wealth.

Commercial Real Estate

Why commercial real estate? Because we believe this is a long term, lower risk, sustainable wealth play. We believe our clients should keep reaping the rewards from their cashflow business, while quietly building a portfolio of high yielding commercial investments that will ultimately provide them with passive & generational wealth.

Today we enjoy having our feet in both the cashflow & the wealth ladders.  Our successful business offers many arms, and with all the lessons we have learnt; we are clear that life is a marathon, not a sprint & we are loving the journey every step of the way!

When we are not helping others to achieve their goals, we are loving life living in our acreage dream house in Tanawha chasing after our three boys


To provide our clients with generational wealth & make their dreams come true!


We strive to connect our clients with the best Commercial Real Estate options that will support their goals and facilitate their success.

Our Background

We draw on 19 years of Real Estate buying & selling.

We have spent 15 years running our own businesses and understand the importance of profitability and investment in wealth

We are established brokers in Commercial space for the past 8 years

We have personally invested, built, property developed & project managed multi-millions of dollars of Real Estate, learning the hard lessons so you don’t have to

We are a husband & wife team, with 3 sons from 6 years to 16, we live on the Sunshine Coast & Real Estate is our passion!

Our Accreditations

Our Brand Family