Working with SpaceFinder..
HOT Property Deals
- Commission of $12,500 + GST or 2% + GST of purchase price (whichever is greater )

Buyers Agent Package: I agree to be contacted & terms as per package proposal

The Investors Club: I agree to be contacted in relation to the Investors Club, terms as per proposal

1. This Agreement confirms the ongoing arrangement between SpaceFinder and the client
2. HOT Property selection is required asap as we work on a first come first served basis
4. The commission is payable in two payments, $5,000 at Unconditional stage & the balance payable when the property reaches settlement *when settlement falls within standard 90 day time frames
5. Please note that it remains the client’s responsibility to ensure the investment's viability and fits their financial situation.

Full terms will be provided upon property enquiry