Space Sharing,

Commercial Leases

& Custom Service

  • Do you need a venue for your training organisation?​
  • Are you looking for a commercial lease or long-term hire?
  • Do you need your venue to be 9b compliant?

We help training organisations avoid costly mistakes by crafting their real estate options to match their vision for success.”

We understand the importance of making the right real estate decision in the success of your business & believe it is your right to have access to all the available options. That is why SpaceFinder works for you & not the real estate.

No Risk Guarantee!

The best part about engaging the services of SpaceFinder is that it is risk free:

  • Your deposit is repaid if we do not find a venue that meets your requirements
  • Your engagement deposit is credited towards your rent & SpaceFinder makes it’s revenue from standard industry commissions, meaning our service costs you nothing!*

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