Frequently Asked Questions

SpaceFinder is a buyer’s agency that provides an outsourced solution to investing in commercial real estate.

We use our time, experience, contacts and infrastructure to provide our clients with high-yielding commercial property options, and we negotiate purchases on our client’s behalf, providing the peace of mind that we are working for them towards their goals.

We’re not to trying to sell you anything.  We don’t believe in get rich quick.  We don’t think you should over-stretch yourself financially.  We don’t have properties to sell and we don’t give financial advice.

Firstly, we work with our clients on their goals and their wealth outcomes to agree on what type of Commercial property they want to invest in.  Once we are clear of this and the budget, timeframe and requirements we get to work scouring the market and our networks, to access the best possible properties that meet their needs.

Once we have identified potential properties,  we start working strategy, identifying key vulnerabilities for the negotiation and the best approach to get the best possible deal for our client.

At this stage we present 3-5 of the best properties to fit our client’s requirements.  We guide them through an overview of each property, assisting them in having all the information and coordinate their viewings so they can make a decision.  

Once the decision is final, get to work to negotiating the best possible price and terms for our client.  We are that good we guarantee that our fee is a fraction of the overall savings that we make on the deal!

Well it all starts with a conversation, so get in touch so we can discuss you goals and make your dreams come true!

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