Office Buderim QLD

Optimal Sunshine Coast Property Acquired for Business Headquarters Within $600,000 Budget
Buderim Office

Buderim QLD



Property type: Office

Size: 57m2

Status: Owner occupier

Cash on cash return:

Total savings: $50,000


With a budget of up to $600,000, our client was looking to find the perfect property to serve as the business headquarters for Expos on the Sunshine Coast, primarily focusing on the Buderim and Maroochydore areas. This venture was to be funded through their SMSF, underscoring the importance of solid returns and capital growth.

This property was initially listed at $450,000 and, through negotiation, was successfully secured for $400,000. The property’s layout and size make it ideal for a 3-5 person open-plan office, precisely meeting the client’s needs. What adds to the appeal is the potential for subletting surplus space, offering the prospect of additional returns. This investment promises to generate both a reliable income stream and the potential for future capital growth. It perfectly aligns with the client’s SMSF investment strategy and fulfils their dual objectives of solid returns and growth, all within the desired Sunshine Coast location.


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