“We believe that everyone should have access to success, so we have reversed the traditional real estate model to work for the buyer, helping them to avoid making costly real estate mistakes by providing them time, cost savings and most importantly options.”

Coffs Harbour | Office

Details:  This client was looking to secure an office for their business premise.

We were able to source this property which was twice the size of what they needed, however half was tenanted. This allowed him to purchase this as an investment whilst being able to place his business there as well. 

Coffs is a very tight market and we were able to beat multiple buyers to secure this property. A double win for our client. 

Sunshine Coast | Office

Details:  This property was brought off market, through a strong  relationship with an agent. This client was looking for a new Headquarters for their business.

We valued it int he mid $600k’s and when through negotiations we managed to get it to $565K we knew this would be a great buy. It is in a high growth area and has had properties of a similar calibre within 100mtrs sold around $900k within 12 months.

Cooroy | Retail

Details:  This client was looking for a solid long term investment with a good tenant.

This dual tenanted property has an international tenant on a 5 + 5 + 5 lease and the local pubs drive through on a 3 + 3 + 3.

Gold Coast Rent to Buy

Details:  This client required a rent-to-buy on the Gold Coast for their rapidly expanding business.
We were able to secure an off-market property that met our clients needs, while the 3-year rent-to-buy kept their cash in their pockets. 

Sunshine Coast | Commercial Office

Details:  Our local client had been looking for a 120m2 professional office space for a while but to no avail.
Within 14 days of our first meeting, we provided available options which resulted in a secured property that exceeded our clients expectations.

Coolum | Industrial

Details:  This brand new industrial development in Coolum was the perfect location for our client to move their thriving business headquarters. 
This property was purchased off-market resulting in a 59% LVR. The client also achieved over $150,000 in property uplift.

Industrial Virginia

Details:  Our client had very specific logistic and geographical requirements for their business and this Brisbane warehouse ticked every box. 
This was an off-market property purchased through negotiations and buying strategy – resulting in $96,500 in savings and 76% LVR within one month. 

Melbourne CBD Space

Details:  This client required commercial space for their start-up business in 2016.  Their needs were specific to Melbourne CBD & they required a ‘9b compliant’ certified space for their company. Training SpaceFinder brokered a deal to secure a space with great terms for a great price, resulting in savings of $934,000 over a 6 year period.

Caloundra | Industrial Shed

Details:  This large manufacturing company wanted to relocate their business to the Sunshine Coast, requiring a space in excess of 11,000m2.
Commercial SpaceFinder negotiated a 5-acre site where the company was able to develop an award-winning establishment. Their business has been growing ever since.

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