“We believe that everyone should have access to success, so we have reversed the traditional real estate model to work for the buyer, helping them to avoid making costly real estate mistakes by providing them time, cost savings and most importantly options.”

Melbourne CBD Space

Details:  This client required commercial space for their start-up business in 2016.  Their needs were specific to Melbourne CBD & they required a ‘9b compliant’ certified space for their company. TSF managed to broker a deal to secure Melbourne CBD space with great terms and for a great price, resulting on a saving of $934,000 over a 6 year period.

Caloundra | Industrial Shed

Details:  This large manufacturing company wanted to relocate their business to the Sunshine Coast. They needed to secure in excess of 11,000m2. A 5 acre site was secured and once completed the award winning development has allowed them to substantially grow their business.    

Gold Coast Rent to Buy

Details:  This client required a rent to buy on the Gold Coast for their rapidly expanding business. We were able to secure an ‘Off-market’ property that met our clients need, while the 3 year rent to buy kept their cash in their pockets. 

What our client said:

“Engaging the services of SpaceFinder has irrefutably added to our work wealth this year & saved us time, headspace & the potential for dumb tax.

We engaged SpaceFinder in February 2021 for a rent to buy premise on the Gold Coast & the process was thoroughly enlightening & educational. I quickly learnt why I was not a buyers agent & I was happy to sit back while Andrew negotiated uncomfortable conversations, to get us the outcome we wanted.

After watching one potential deal fall over & a second negotiated to closure rapidly, I got to appreciate the complexity of the deal & the finesse of the negotiations, which is not something that I was wanting to expand my skillsets into!

After having had so much success with our first property with SpaceFinder with an ‘off-market property’ we went into our second deal, and secured a premise that had $240k of savings in the deal from day one.
To say that we were happy was an understatement!

Utilising the services of SpaceFinder has not only provided us with two properties that are prefect for our business (& in themselves are generating returns within our business) but overall we have increased our net wealth by $350k for our $175k investment (192% cash on cash return) which for their buyers agent fee, in my opinion is the best money we have ever spent!

I would recommend the services of SpaceFinder any day of the week, we can’t wait to do another one!”

Paul and Kate Kretzers | Commercial Clean Australia

Sunshine Coast | Commercial Office

Details:  As a local this client had been looking for an office for a while but to no avail. They required 120m2 of professional office space. Within 14 days we had provided available options and our client secured a fantastic property that exceeded their needs. 

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