• Training SpaceFinder help RTO’s maximise their real estate through space sharing.


Become a host venue…


  • Earn $ for your vacant classrooms
  • Your venue is confidential; your venue is only presented to our internal clients in active venue tenders if your venue is a match for their requirements
  • You believe in collaboration, a greener footprint for the planet, win/win arrangements & karma!

How does SpaceFinder hosting work:

  • You have a 9b compliant training venue with 1 or more vacant classrooms that you can rent full time (ie Mon-Fri 8am – 5pm) for a 12+ month duration
  • You notify SpaceFinder of the details of your space via www.spacefinder.com.au/venuehost
  • A venue agent will contact you to discuss your space and we agree on remuneration and inclusions
  • Your venue gets added to our internal confidential system & is only presented to internal clients when their scope of requirements is a match for your venue
  • If a potential ‘space-filler’ (AKA a SpaceFinder client) is interested in viewing your venue, we handle all of the coordination, leaving you simply to meet & greet at a pre-arranged time & show them your vacant space
  • We handle all negotiations, booking agreement, payment handling & contract renewals
  • You simply get paid monthly and reap the rewards!


  • We generate revenue for under-utilised space
  • We can pre-sell future vacancies
  • We handle all contracts, negotiations & payments
  • We remain the point of contact for all bookings
  • We provide ongoing management and support
  • We only work exclusively within the educational industry

Because your success is our goal, we aim to facilitate a win/win in all of our dealings and our venues value our educational niche and authentic service.

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